Quest Large Low Wattage Healthy Griddle

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This healthy griddle is an easy to use low wattage griddle with a large dual cooking area.

It’s made from high quality materials and combines great features with ease of use and cleaning.

It features a removable and adjustable thermostat that gives you complete control over the cooking temperature.

The cool touch handles make this easier and safer to use and the anti slip feet means that it is safer still when in use.

This is a low wattage griddle so it draws less electric than a standard griddle. This means that is cheaper to run and far less likely to trip your site electric.

The cooking area has both a flat and griddle area allowing two different styles of cooking on the one healthy griddle. Both feature a 2 layer non-stick coating which helps keep your food from sticking to the griddle when they are cooking.

There is a grease drain lip on the side of the griddle to allow you to simply pour the grease and oil away when finished which makes it easier to maintain and clean.

The griddle features a concealed element as well, which again makes it easier to clean as the element itself never needs cleaning.

Total size: 55 x 24 x 10 cm.
Smooth cooking area: 24.5 x 21 cm.
Griddle cooking area: 12.5 x 21 cm.
Weight: 1.7 kg.


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