Universal Mains Water Adaptor Kit

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Mains water connection kit for commonly used barrel style caravan water carriers. This adaptor kit maintains your water carrier at a 50% fill level and allows your normal submersible pump to supply fresh water from the carrier into your caravan at a pressure level suitable for caravan water pipes, taps and connectors.

The ball valve cuts off the water supply into the container when the container is half full, and allows refilling as the water level drops ensuring a constant water supply whilst protecting your caravan’s internal water systems.

The kit includes 7.5 metres of food-grade hose ensuring a clean, fresh water supply

The kit comes with a variety of caps to suit most commonly used water containers including:

  • Aquaroll (Classic & Economy)
  • Water Hog (50 Litre and new 51 litre)
  • Aqua Caddy
  • Royal Aquarius
  • Kampa Roly-Poly


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